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 Introduction To Nature Magic

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PostSubject: Introduction To Nature Magic   Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:18 pm

Introduction To Nature Magic

Nature is everywhere, and even though it sometimes seems to be sidelined by modern life, its presence is vital to our existence.  Nature is all around us and has always been with us.  Our ancestors lived much closer to nature, working for thousands of years in the same ways and patterns:

Hunting For Food

The grass growing in flood plains would have attracted large herbivores such as horses, deer, rhino and beavers, which Stone Age man ate for protein and fat.

Making Their Own Clothing

And Medicines

And toiling the earth to grow crops and reap a good harvest.

They observed nature to enhance their understanding of the world.  Even today, in the world's busiest cities, we can see trees, plants and animals, and the sky above us.  When we look up at the stars, we see the same night sky as our forefathers and mothers did, and we are overwhelmed by the same sense of awe.  A walk in the woods, invariably calms the spirit. 

Modern society prides itself on its 'sophistication', a word derived from the Latin, 'sophisticas', meaning 'tampered with'.  Many people however,  are rediscovering their natural roots and finding out how to work in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it.
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Introduction To Nature Magic
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